Because the greatest show in the world might as well be about the greatest sport in the world. Right?

When your running friend tells you — again — about their awesome long-run splits.

When you try to nicely tell your running partner you need a solo run, but it comes out all wrong. 

When you’re at the bar and know you have to get up early for a run but your favorite song comes on.

When the internet explodes over the latest she’s-too-skinny, she’s-too-fat scandal. #leaveitalone

When you eat way, WAY more than your share of the appetizers at lunch.

When you see the clearance rack at your local running store.

When you and your running partner are daydreaming about what you’ll eat at the end of the marathon.

When someone post splits that are minutes-per-mile faster than yours and complains about how slow they are.

When you get hit with the day-after-long-run munchies.

When people on the course say “You’re almost there!” when you have three miles to go.


When you’re tapering and anyone says anything.

When you lay back in bed after a way-too-early morning run.

When you’re injured and people keep talking about their runs.

When you and your running friend enter a race lottery and both get in.

When you beat someone at the very last second.

When you find our it’s going to be blistering hot on race day.

When you finish your two beers after a marathon.

When someone hands you something you aren’t expecting instead of water at a water stop.

When you find out a running group meets right by your house.

The very real fear that your finish photo captures someone in a giant banana suit beating you.

Your runner’s tan.

When someone touches your very, very sore leg the day after a race.

When races offer vanity bibs.

When people run the wrong way on the track.

When you’re training for a spring marathon in the dead of winter.

When you try to go gluten free, but you really just want to eat a pizza.

What shows make you think of running? Let us know in the comments. 


By Nichols