Can learning how to improve your running posture and track your workouts be as simple as pulling on a pair of shorts? It sure can.

Lumo Bodytech has created shorts for males and capris for females that function as a running coach and a performance tracker, all in one.

Lumo Run technology is found in the waistband of these garments and tracks important data like cadence, bounce, ground-contact time, braking, pelvic rotation and stride length. This data is constantly monitored during your run, and real-time audio cues are given through the Lumo Run App to your headphones so you can make immediate adjustments.

The company asserts that this feedback will provide runners with valuable information to improve their running economy quickly and decrease the risk of injury.

“Most runners are high achievers,” said Rebecca Shultz, clinical biomechanist, marathon runner and Ph.D. “They want to push themselves to the limit to reach their goals. But nothing will slow your progress as much as an injury and it is estimated that up to 80 percent of runners will experience a lower extremity injury at some point in their running careers. Improper form accompanied by training errors is the number one reason runners get injured. Lumo Run will be a valuable tool for runners everywhere. I also believe it will help us advance the study of running biomechanics.”

The shorts and capris are machine-washable and the charge on the sensor lasts up to one month.

Lumo Run shorts are available during the limited-time pre-order period at the discounted price of $99 for men’s shorts and $119 for women’s capris at The MSRP price will be $149 for the men’s shorts, $169 for the women’s capris, and they will begin shipping March 31, 2016.


By Nichols