Social media can inspire your running in ways you never thought possible! Whether you want to run faster, qualify for Boston, take your miles off-road or simply look a little more polished at a race, these Instagram runners will have you dreaming big.

Kara Goucher @karagoucher

Elite runner Kara Goucher shares tidbits from her life and running on her Instagram feed. She is one of the best female runners out there, so seeing her posts come across your feed is sure to inspire you to run harder. Plus, her son Colt is adorable!

Joshua Holmes @joshuaholmes

Ultrarunner Joshua often takes his runs farther than just about anyone. His Instagram feed is full of long runs in exotic locales. Don’t be surprised to see him on a mountain more than on the pavement. He will inspire you to take your run off-road.

Dorothy Beal @mileposts

Blogger, running coach and mom, Dorothy Beal is one tough girl! She runs and trains like a champ, going from a 4:20 marathoner to a 3:11 marathoner. She will inspire you and make you smile.

Ashley Ringo Walsh @ashruns100s

This ultrarunner posts gorgeous pictures of running and training with stunning backdrops. You can often find her on scenic trails with mountain views.

Steve Clemons @vo2_max

Steve Clemons lives and trains in Hawaii. His pictures of ultraruns will take your breath away and make you want to catch the next flight to the islands.

Leigh Marsh @msprincessleigh

Disney princess runner Leigh Marsh posts Instagram images that are full of glitter and joy! Her enthusiasm for all things runDisney is contagious, and you just may find yourself wanting to book a race in the Sunshine Sate!

Monica Olivas @runeatrepeat

Blogger Monica Olivas is funny and fashionable. She runs, blogs and Instagrams about her running journey. Her posts will often make you laugh, while her fitness and running posts will inspire you to work harder.

Sara T @lovingontherun

Blogger Sara is truly inspiring. She is currently training to qualify for Boston. She will have to trim an entire hour off of her current PR, but when you see the times she is running in workouts, you have faith that she can do it! She posts her runs and times daily. She will make you believe that with hard work, anything is possible.

These runners are sure to keep your feed full of running inspiration.

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Happy running and Instagramming!

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By Nichols