We have all seen the pictures of “how we think we look when we run” showing an individual leaping through the valley effortlessly and “how we really look when we run” as a dog ears askew, tongue hitting the ground, and tripping over itself. When you become a “runner” you realize how silly your habits are but have no wishes to change. Whether superstitious or simply a routine, we need things to be in order to have a great run. Here are three of the most common routines runners engage in:

1.    Runners require a minimum five minutes to get adjusted.

  • Running shoes have to be tied snugly
  • Belt adjusted to the right height
  • Earbuds untangled
  • Music on the planned playlist
  • Phone on silent
  • Gels on your hip and easily accessible
  • Car key secured
  • Watch ready to time and track your run
  • Water bottle with just enough water, so it will jiggle only the calculated amount allotted.

This is only the beginning. We might have to have a specific stop for water or a bathroom break. These stops must take into consideration parking a certain distance away, so we hit them just in time. And don’t forget the cold beverages in the car with a towel and wipes for after our run. We have done so many calculations in each run that we should have earned a math degree.

2. Favorite numbers.

Finding your favorite number may arise when you stop on even numbers or have to finish out the mile. We all have a touch of OCD when it comes to our run. If you happen to be running on the treadmill, this OCD an be exhausting. You decide to stop at mile five, but realize if you go a little further you’ll burn an even 700 calories. But, if you go a little further than that, your time will be exactly 50 minutes. By now, you are at 5.18 miles, and if you run a little further, you can finish with a total distance of 5.25. The cycle never ends!

3. Favorite gear and/or clothes.

There is something special about putting on that trusty pair of running shorts — tried and true to be ride-up free, chafe-free, and wedgie-free. And how would we be able to brag about our time/distance/calories/heart rate/incline unless we had our favorite GPS watch? We have to have our favorites, and in just the right places (refer to number one).


By Nichols