Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated 18 oz- $35

The perfect size bottle for all of your running needs. The SpeedDraw Plus Insulated is an 18-ounce double-walled bottle to keep your water cold. It provides a case for your running needs, an adjustable handstrap, and the SpeedDraw Flask allows for quick bursts of fluid rather than having to worry about opening and closing your water bottle.

Amphipod Handheld Thermal-Lite- $22

The 12-ounce water bottle comes with an insulation wrap around the bottle. This can help keep liquids cold and perfect for those hot weather days. It also comes with a zippered pouch to hold any necessities.

Fuelbelt Sprint Palm Holder– $14.95

This 10-ounce water bottle is perfect for those hot days and short runs. Complete with a zippered pouch to store your necessities, this versatile bottles allows for a reverse handheld position thanks to its ergonomic shape.

Hydrapak Gel-Bot- $15

A really cool water bottle this provide athletes with not only hydration but fuel too. The top compartment can hold an energy gel so you dont have to worry about getting sticky fingers while out running. Like to drink your gels down, just pull the nozzle up to drink the water inside. Comes in both 20 and 24-ounces.

Vapur Eclipse Water Pouch- $12

This pouch is perfect for those who don’t like to carry water bottles with but want something to provide them with hydration. This pouch has an easy open cap perfect for runners and when its empty, you can roll it up and pack it away.

By Nichols