Have you ever been asked why you run? It appears that the non-running world simply does not understand why we are compelled to routinely tie up our shoes and head out for runs regardless of weather, time of day or how busy we are. The truth is, there are hundreds of reasons why people love to run. Here are 25 of the most kick-ass things about running.

  1. You can get high every day without hard drugs.
  2. Running gives you and your great aunt something to talk about. (“Sonny! Running is bad for your knees!”)
  3. You can regularly consume things liked salted caramel GU.
  4. You know exactly how far a marathon is (unlike the rest of the non-running world).
  5. You can eat more and (hopefully) not gain weight.
  6. You escape from home.
  7. Running helps you to know the exact distance from your house and any other location in your neighborhood.
  8. You can drink in the morning (since most races end before noon and there is beer).
  9. You can brag on social media.
  10. Running gives you the three D’s: determination, discipline, direction.
  11. You just might live longer.
  12. Friends make you signs that say things like, “If this race were any easier, it would be your mother.”
  13. You can go where cars and bikes can’t go.
  14. You get high-fives from little kids during races.
  15. Running solves constipation issues. C’mon! The runner’s trots are fun!
  16. You can wear knee-high socks (compression variety) and not look like a school girl.
  17. Farting is commonplace and totally acceptable.
  18. You can find all kinds of cool stuff, like spare change, empty liquor bottles and dead animals.
  19. Running is an excuse to own 10 pairs of shoes.
  20. Consuming carbs is not only encouraged, it’s necessary.
  21. You learn how to monitor the color of your pee to see if you are dehydrated (urine the color of lemon juice is the best!)
  22. You actually can run farther than most people can drive.
  23. It’s acceptable to shoot snot out of your nose and spit.
  24. You can do it anywhere and in any weather (if you are a BAMF).
  25. As they say, it’s cheaper than therapy!

By Nichols