If you’re stuck in a dating rut, you should try going out with a girl who runs. Besides the purely physical (fit bods), there are many reasons to date us. Planning the first date is no sweat – we can just go for a run together (if you can keep up). Afterwards, we’ll gladly devour a cheeseburger at your favorite restaurant; calories aren’t a concern when we log so many miles. If you’re having a bad day, look to us for encouragement. We’ll help you get over any of life’s obstacles with our positive thoughts and mental toughness. Check out blogger Kelsey Sheron’s list for more reasons, and catch us if you can:

Date a girl who runs because she is rockin’ a serious pair of gams. Legs for days, this girl can rock a pair of booty shorts like no one’s business. You prefer tights? Don’t worry, we have plenty of those too. Did I mention baby got back? (from all those hill sprints of course!)

Date a girl who runs because she knows the value of showers and good hygiene. Getting sweaty all the time warrants plenty of sweet-smelling body wash and perfumes for hours of nose-sniffin’ pleasure. You’re welcome, nose.

Date a girl who runs because whether your game be football, nascar, or competitive dart-throwing, we know competitiveness and can get into the emotion of the game with the best of ’em. Game night? Be prepared to lose, sucka! (Unless your ego is easily bruised, in which case, Grow Up!)

Date a girl who runs because she knows some great music, podcasts, and audiobooks. Sixteen-mile run? Why yes, I do have an extensive playlist to power me through the entire thing. Would you care to listen in?

Date a girl who runs because the only bib she’s thinking about is the one that gets her into a race. This girl ain’t baby hungry, so rest easy, Mr. Im-not-ready-for-a-baby. Kids on your wish-list, you say? Well, we just so happen to be really good at preparing for big life events.

Date a girl who runs because she knows how to stretch a dollar. Sixty bucks for a race? No problem, I’ll cut out whatever I have to in order to make it fit the budget. You want a new $60 video game? Same principles apply (though real talk, the race is a much better idea).

Date a girl who runs because thirsty? She most likely has water on her or knows the nearest source. Solid food more your style? Boy meet PowerBar, mixed nuts, dried fruit, yogurt, string cheese, goo packet, or peanut butter protein balls…yes I just said balls…

Date a girl who runs because she knows the importance of praise and positive feedback. Why do you think we run all those training miles if not to get a medal at the end of it all? We’ll praise you for every little thing you do, unless it falls under “boyfriend-duties.” Then heaven help you if you forget…(mostly kidding).

Date a girl who runs because she loves food. Marathons don’t fuel themselves, so foodie is her middle name. And not just any food, oh no…I’m talking fill-your-belly-with-warm-and-delicious-goodness, Man-pleasing food. She also knows which restaurants in town carry the best ___insert favorite food here___, so whether you stay in or go out, you’ll be eating good on date night.

Date a girl who runs because we’re super supportive. We’re used to cheering on anyone and everyone we meet who runs, so no matter what your goals or dreams, we’ll be right there being your biggest fan the whole way.

Date a girl who runs because let’s face it, we’re the best bunch of happy-crazy people you’ll ever meet. We basically run the world…pun intended.


By Nichols