Runners are a chatty bunch. We discuss everything from pace bunnies to proper timing of bowel movements. This is the same reason that many of us don’t get invited to parties.

Each runner has a story: the reason they became interested in running, the obstacles that popped up, how running has shaped them, etc. Though each runner’s story is inspirational, some communicate theirs better than others.

An excellent example is Jennifer Graham, a writer from Boston. Her book, “Honey, do you need a ride? Confessions of a fat runner,” was my ab workout today. And probably tomorrow, since I’m going to read it again.

Graham writes about her experience as a runner with a less-than-supermodel type build. I knew her book would be golden, when in the first few pages she discusses her thighs: “And don’t even get me started on the topic of my thighs. You skinny people, you have no idea what a gift it is to move without your inner thighs rubbing together like a couple of superglued hams.”

Now, runners are some of the select few for whom being called “Thunder Thighs” is actually a compliment. Our thigh muscles are built large and solid…much like hams. Jennifer Graham just has beautiful insight.

Her memoir details the ever-changing, insightful, and often hilarious relationship that she has with running. Between her career, her friends, and having a family, her book is full of side-splitting shenanigans, which all circle back to running.

If your training begins to get too serious, read her book and it will take you down a peg. Also, your abs will be ripped by the end. She leaves parting inspiration for those who can’t seem to shed the last few pounds:
“When the Zombie Apocalypse comes, and there’s no food left on earth…We’ll be the last ones standing. Our fat stores will see us through. We’ll strut through the ruins, clean up the mess, kill the zombies, and reclaim the planet. We will do all this, fat.”

Fat runners, unite!


By Nichols