If you are a fan of Oiselle and live in the Seattle area, we have good news for you. Oiselle is opening up its first flagship store in the University Village area of Seattle, Wash. Anticipated for early summer, Oiselle will bring the brand experience to life at a home base in the Emerald city where they can not only grow their community, but fans can see the products firsthand.

Since the headquarters for Oiselle is located in Seattle, it makes sense for their first store to be located nearby. University Village is known as one of the most successful, beautifully designed shopping centers in the country, and Oiselle will fit in perfectly.  Seattle is also one of the healthiest and most active cities in the U.S., full of runners.

Katie Woodruff, Director of Retail Operations, said in a statement, “I am incredibly excited to bring the brand and story of Oiselle to life in a beautiful retail environment. Our vision is to create a place where customers can experience the fit and feel of our product, but also to be a place where our friends, family and teammates, can come together … it will be a hub for viewing big meets and races, having speakers, and being a place for local groups. Involving the community is the best way to build community.”

Oiselle is becoming more well-known thanks in part to their sponsorship agreements with running elites Kara Goucher and Lauren Fleshman.

Are you excited about this flagship store? Where do you hope they open a store next?


By Nichols