Most runners are aware of the “rules” to replacing running shoes after a certain mileage, but what about our other (perhaps smellier) running clothing?

Sure we have our favorite and/or sentimental shirts and shorts but when should you call it quits and retire those pieces to a homemade blanket?

Here are some general guidelines to follow before you alienate all your running friends with your funk:

  1. As much of a pain as it can be, try not to put technical clothing in the dryer. It will only set the funk in deeper with heat! Invest in a drying rack or indoor/outdoor clothesline and proudly display your wears from the week, while preserving the longevity of your running digs.
  2. You may want to check out technical clothing specific detergent like WIN High Performance Sports Detergent. It promises to have magical powers against the bacterium that gets trapped in the fibers, which is what causes you to smell like phys ed. Of course it’s more expensive but how much did those clothes cost in the first place?
  3. Wash sweaty clothing as soon as possible or at least hang it up to dry. Like you, the longer it sits in it’s own sweat, the smellier it becomes.
  4. Sports bras present a special obstacle for women in so many ways and stink is just another. You can help extend their smell-good life (and form) by washing them in a mesh bag and/or buying several so you can rotate them out. #AnyExcuseToShop
  5. Finally, just use common sense. If you can smell it yourself, get rid of it! Don’t donate that nasty thing either.  No one wants re-used stench. Either put in the back of your closet or set it aside to make it into a blanket that, of course, only you will use.

What is the oldest piece of clothing you own and why do you keep it?


By Nichols