The idea for the GoCommandos Patch started with a thirty-second conversation with founder Jo, and her life partner — who happens to be a designer and fashion show stylist.

Jo commented that she was tired of her thong showing through her pants and having to pick wedgies all the time.

His response? “I’ll make you a cotton crotch.” And that’s where it all began.

The GoCommandos Patches are small, thin adhesive patches that stick in your pants and serve the same purpose as underwear — to create a barrier between your crotch and your clothing while providing comfort.

The GoCommandos do just that and much more. They are hypoallergenic, get rid of panty and strap lines, and a lot of gals who have serious bladder pelvic disorders who can’t wear underwear choose these. As well, many women who are prone yeast infections and vaginitis will opt for this o-natural cotton over synthetic panty liners.

That’s right, cotton is the fabric of choice because of its naturally absorbent qualities. The GoCommandos come in three different types— fleece, which is the most absorbent and feels like the soft cushy inside of a sock, super thin, and lastly, organic cotton.

Once you’ve chosen the type of patch for you, you’re ready to go. These patches can go inside any pant — jean, yoga, running shorts — and the multiple lobes make them able to move in any direction that you do.

Let’s see what RunHaven’s team of reviewers thought see below:

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Ashley’s take: After hearing some less-than-favorable reviews about GoCommandos, I was expecting the worst. Would the patch be annoying? Would I feel like I was running around wearing a maxi pad? I HATE panty lines, so at least the patch had that going for it. As it turned out, the GoCommandos weren’t bad at all. For the most part, I couldn’t even tell that they were there. I tested them while running in spandex shorts — they were comfortable and hardly noticeable. I liked that the patches were easy to apply and remove — one patch left behind a few pieces of adhesive, but I picked them off without much of an issue. And since the patches are disposable, you have less laundry to do!

Karlyn’s take: I love the idea of going sans undies and often do it when I do go running or hit up the gym mainly because you can’t work out in thongs because they ride allllll the way up and you can’t wear butt undies because they show lovely lines that make your behind have a double chin of sorts.

So I was uber pumped to try out Commandos. These butterfly-looking, soft patches stick right to your jeans, workout pants and shorts, and aren’t supposed to move. Butt (see what I did there) they did, at least in my spandex, polyester-blend workout capris. Bummed out (I’m sorry!) I had to give it another go — this time I tried it with a pair on my cotton and most importantly breathable leggings and mid run it proved to be a champ! No sticking to my undercarriage. So what was once a commandon’t are now commandos (just only with breathable fabrics).

Natalie’s take: What can I say. I so badly wanted to love this product, but the reality is — I don’t. I live in leggings and I am always looking for ways to make my life more comfortable and efficient. Stick-able undies? Sure! It sounded fairly straightforward and according to the packaging, they’d thought of everything. But practically? My experience was a mess. I stuck the GoCommandos into my Nike leggings and went off to work (leggings to work is one of the awesome perks of working for RunHaven). As soon as I got out of my car, I felt like a piece of tape was stuck to the inside of my thigh. Each step I took felt like the sticky side of a bandaid was ripping off of my skin. Yeowch. This same thing happened each of the six times I wore the GoCommandos, even though I closely followed the stick-‘em-on instructions. By the end of the first day, when I went to remove the GoCommando from my leggings, it left all the adhesive stuck to the inside of my leggings. I called the founder and she told me to try rubbing vodka on the adhesive to get it off. I did, and it worked. Four of the other five times (I always used different leggings — lululemon, Janji, Nike, Athleta) this didn’t happen, but when I wore the GoCommandos for any sweaty, intense workout, the adhesive stayed stuck to the leggings. Vodka always worked to remove it, but I don’t feel like doing intense vodka-cleaning every time I go for a run. I won’t be using the product and hope my experience isn’t all that common.

Laura’s take: Being the lead researcher and author of this piece, I was super excited after speaking with Jo about her product. Earmuffs — I’ve been going commando for most of my adult life — at least while working out. I hate distractions while exercising, and the first time underwear gave me problems — I kicked them to the curb. So, needless to say, I’m delighted that GoCommandos are on the market!

The GoCommandos were completely comfortable in my work attire — jeans, pants and shorts. I felt confident that I didn’t have underwear lines, and that I was protecting my clothing. It took a few days to get used to the feeling, but I’m a fan.

The only times I had trouble with the patches moving was whilst exercising. I knew I would give these li’l stickers a run for their money with my workouts, so I don’t want to blame them, but the little fingers did peel up a bit and try to stick to my leg. They didn’t leave any residue in the pants though, so that was a plus.


By Nichols