What do running dads want for Father’s Day? Mostly they want time to go for a run, perhaps with kids in a baby jogger, on bike or as running partners. But, as a second-best gift, they would likely be pleased with any of the following.

Farm to Feet Asheville 1/4 Crew Run Light Cushion Socks $15

These American-grown and manufactured socks are burly enough that they come with a guarantee for life. The quarter-crew Asheville run is lightweight with mild cushioning. They are constructed with itch-free merino wool for its natural wicking and antimicrobial qualities.

Mio ALPHA 2 Watch $219

If your dad is a techy-type but doesn’t like to wear a chest strap, you can help him keep track of his ticker with the Mio ALPHA 2 wrist-mounted heart rate monitor that uses optical technology to measure the beats and marries that to Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in accelerometer so that your father can know just about everything he’d want to about his run, including speed, distance, pace, calories, and his heart rate stats. He can log those into a number of apps, including Strava, MapMyRun, Endomondo and others and store up to 25 hours of running data. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 24 hours between charges and the unit is water resistant. It is light, cool-looking and even syncs wirelessly.

lululemon Commission Pant $128

How quickly we go from thinking our fathers are the coolest men on Earth to knowing they dress like a dork. And a lot of the uncoolness emanates from their choice in pants, right? Well lululemon’s Commission Pant will take care of that with water-repellant two-way Lycra Chino fabric and cuffs that roll up with reflectivity for nighttime safety.

Hydrapak Stash Collapsible $18

To keep your pop well hydrated, the Hyrdrapak Stash is a collapsible soft-walled bottle that shrinks down to 2 inches and then expands to fit 25 ounces of liquid. It is BPA- and PVC-free, naturally antifungal and uses welded seams so that the bonds are actually stronger at those points, rather than weaker, like some competitor products.

Nathan Orion Strobe $30

Dad’s normally think of themselves as the protectors of the family but you probably know they can be pretty dumb when it comes to their own safety. And running in the dark is one thing you can solve for him with the Orion Strobe that will help him see and be seen. It is mighty powerful with 30 lumens and comes with a waist belt so he can clip and run. There is a strobe feature for safety and the weather-resistant little unit is easily charged via a micro-USB flip-out.

The Feed Starter Box $10-50

Dads like to eat. No. Dads love to eat. So get them a subscription for “The Feed” and they’ll get periodic boxes of healthy energy food and hydration mixes. Your father spoon fed you baby food and now you can return the favor with tubes of Clif Organic Energy Food or squeeze packs of Justin’s Nut Butter. Or hundreds of other sports nutrition products.

Tracksmith Charles Cheater $198

As an expression of gratitude for the many times he bundled you up, a gift of the stylish and functional Charles Cheater from Tracksmith will shield your father from the elements. The water-repelling, wind-resistant jacket features a stowable hood and is made of two-way stretch fabric. The lining is soft and pajama-like.

Patagonia Nine Trails Shorts $59

We know you love your father. But you don’t necessarily love the way he smells, right? Here is a subtle way of reducing his odor without causing any hurt feelings: Patagonia’s Nine Trail Shorts are made with a Polygiene built-in liner for permanent odor control. The outer short is durable, well vented, moisture wicking and styled with a modest 8” inseam so you don’t have to see too much dad.

By Nichols