Many runners turn to the pool for cross-training workouts to strengthen their muscles or to supplement their high-impact workouts with something a little less strenuous. Even injured runners turn to the pool for recovery and find they can still obtain their workout high — hallelujah! Although we know the pool is an option — and we have some pretty cool tools from FINIS to make swimming more accessible — knowing what to do is another story. Luckily, our friends at FINIS have come to the rescue once again and have laid out the perfect swim workout for runners. Have a peek below!
(Please note: Most pools are 25 yards or meters long. We will list all swims in 25’s, which also means one length. For example, 2 x 25 means you will swim one length of the pool, two times.)

4 x 25 Freestyle

Focus: Nice and easy, use the first four lengths to get comfortable in the water.
We recommend using the Swimmer’s Snorkel to focus on easy breathing and proper head alignment.

2 x 50 Kick

Focus: Warm up and strength building. A strong, steady kick will get the heart rate up and warm up legs.
We recommend using the Z2 Zoomers Gold — the patented design allows the foot to easily slice through the water while still catching water on the up kick to target hamstrings and glutes.

2 x 50 Freestyle 

4 x 25 Backstroke

1 x 100 Freestyle

Focus: This is considered the “main set” — the bulk of the workout. Tailor the distance as needed but try to maintain a steady heart rate and proper technique. Quality is better than quantity!
We recommend using the Agility Paddles. The strapless hand-paddle design promotes a proper palm-positive technique for all four swim strokes.

4 x 25 Freestyle

Focus: Nice and easy, cool down.
Use your favorite training tool to cap off a great workout!

By Nichols