Have you been searching for something to give you that feel good feeling you just haven’t been able to find lately? You’ve tried a pair of new shoes, created a playlist for your running mix or even downed an energy drink before your last run? No matter what you do, it seems that you just can’t get that extra spark you once had. What if I told you, I can almost guarantee a way to light your fire and help you regain your running bug?

It’s majestic, awe-inspiring, humbling, invigorating, rejuvenating and so much more. What is it? Where is it? How much is it? Well, it’s all around us, and it doesn’t cost anything, and it is the most beautiful gift we may have- mother nature. Yes, the creation around us can be the fuel that drives your running to new heights. Imagine yourself on a cool mountain, lacing up your trail shoes, taking a deep breathe in. The familiar smell of the forest penetrates your senses and instantly brings to mind memories of past runs, miles covered over the years, and a deep love you have for running. The cold, crisp air hits your lungs and signals them like an alarm clock; your body knows it’s time to turn on, turn it up, and run.

As you head out, you don’t hear a sound. No passing cars and no other distractions. Soon though, you start to hear the chirps of some birds off in the distance. You begin to take note of the distinct noises of each step you take. The soft landing on a dirt trail, the grinding of rocks as you pass over some loose gravel, or the crunch of fallen leaves now covering portions of the trail. You’re surrounded by the beauty of this great planet we call home. You become lost in your run, and the only thing that serves as a reminder of how hard you’re working are the beads of sweat, starting to make its way down your face.

So you want some inspiration? Get outside and get some! There are endless amounts of it all around us. Head to the mountains for a trail run and explore the hidden beauty we sometimes forget is out  there. Maybe you’re near the coast, and you can run a trail near the beach, listening to the waves crashing against the shore. Need a sneak peek on how it feels?  Watch this awesome video that is sure to inspire.

As good as the video will have you feeling, I guarantee it is only a fraction of the enormous vigor and motivation you will find when you’re out there doing it yourself. Explore this beautiful planet by taking your next run off road, and I promise that your feel-good feeling will be off the charts.

By Nichols