Although you may or may not have a significant other who runs with you, there are indeed plenty of couples out there who run in tandem. Some claim it keeps their relationship alive, while for others, running together is a source of angst. Often, we will witness these couples first-hand at races of any size or distance.

1. The Twinsie Couple

It is easy to spot this pair. They usually have matching everything, down to his jock strap and her thong. Often, their running clothes are not subtle – they are bright neon colors that shout, “We are so cute! We run/race together!”

2. The Retiree Couple

We’ve all seen commercials with gently aging seniors who smile and swing on swings. They are in robust health and are in exceptionally good shape. Younger and less experienced runners look at them with envy, hoping that one day they can grow up to be just like this duo – strong, attractive and timeless.

3. The Arguing Couple

The running couple that argues does so for one main reason: their paces don’t match up, yet they try to run and/or race together. One of them is always sucking air while the other is trying to hold back. This creates conflict and usually ends with one person sprinting off into the distance crying.

4. The Irritatingly Happy Couple

This couple makes the rest of us roll our eyes, most likely because we are terribly jealous that such happiness exists in a relationship. This is the couple who can hardly run a mile without stopping to rub each other’s shoulders or feed the other a gel. There are also constant words of support and encouragement.

5. The Competitive Couple

The duo is constantly in competition with one another. They compare paces, race times and distances run. Each part of the couple knows the course records for all races that have been run together. This duo is easy to spot as they typically try to look relaxed, but have an air of nervousness and unease.

6. The Selfie-Prone Couple

This couple tends to love social media and often communicates with the other through Facebook posts. Selfies are a must in order to validate the loving relationship they share. Often these selfies are taken (wearing race bibs, of course) at scenic overlooks, finish/start lines or bodies of water.

7. The Off-Balance Couple

By all observations, one part of this couple does not want to run. The other part adores running and desperately wants the significant other to feel the same way. This couple’s runs and races are typically filled with endless complaints and whining on one side and overzealous enthusiasm and coaching on the other.

Any other running couple types you would like to add to the list?


By Nichols