Determination and perseverance are admirable qualities found in athletes. Qualities like these are what most of us draw upon when we talk ourselves into running when we’re tired, the weather is gross, or when we’d rather be curled up in bed.

For as much drive as we have, there are also just some days when we have to wave the white flag, throw in the towel, or pack up and go. You can call it admitting defeat, but rather, most people call it doing the right thing.

Here are seven instances when running isn’t right:

  1. You’re lost. Even if you’ve started your run, if you find yourself lost, swallow your pride and whip out that GPS. Being lost can jeopardize your health and safety, and it’s just not worth trying to “figure it out.” Plus, your friends will enjoy holding it over your head for years to come when they come to pick your exhausted butt up.
  2. You’re drunk. Although seen as a heroic feat to some, there is no benefit to being drunk as a skunk during exercise. While it may benefit your friends’ abdominals as they double over laughing at you while you try to run in a straight line, you are at risk for serious dehydration and the risks of number one above. You should just go back to bed (if you can find it) and hydrate.
  3. You’re injured. Here’s an excuse handed to you to stay in your pj’s, eat some chocolate, and binge-watch your favorite TV series. There is no logical reason for taking a hurt whatever out for a road trip. Accept your injury and recovery for it for what it is, and find the remote!
  4. You’re empty. If you’re extremely hungry and haven’t eaten in ages, (like three or four hours) your body is trying to tell you something. Any guesses? If you don’t take the time to put fuel in your tank before heading out on a run, you will feel dizzy and fatigued, and you may end up face-planting on the pavement.
  5. You’re bra-less. Sports bras are essential to female runners. In case you were unaware, wearing no bra or the wrong bra during exercise can create little tears in the breasts’ ligaments that increase the likelihood of sagging. It’s hard to imagine those puppies could ever head south on you from exercising, but they can. So strap ‘em up and keep them supported and if you don’t have a clean bra, swim.
  6. You’re soiled. I get it, you’re tough and nothing can stop you from completing your race. It’s been grueling. The world should know you can take anything nature and your body dish out. Soiling yourself is the exception. We can’t take the visual, and the smell is nauseating. Please, go change your clothes!
  7. You’re stuffed. Packing down a huge meal before you head out probably won’t sit well in your stomach. Unless you want to deal with number six, give your belly some time to digest all that yummy food before you lace up.

Can you add any other instances when you feel that running just isn’t right?


By Nichols