Beyond just penises, vaginas, menstrual cycles and sperm, there are many differences between men and women. These dissimilarities make us curious. Just as the male runner may be confused by why some women pee themselves when they run (see reasons here), or how they deal with their periods while training, women also have curiosities about men. Here are six questions female runners might have for male runners:

1. Why do your nipples get hard all the time?

According to WebMD, there are a few reasons this happens. First of all, the nipples are quite sensitive. As the nipples rub up against the running shirt, this can cause mild arousal and nipple erections (and can also cause the dreaded bloody nipples). Speaking of arousal, as your heart rate increases and you perspire, this can cause a heightened state of excitement and cause the nipples to harden.

2. How do you keep your penis warm in cold weather?

Many male runners complain that their unit freezes like an icicle when the temperatures drop. The solution? Some use a sock, don an extra pair of underwear or wear very insulated tights. Others go so far as to purchase wind briefs, which help to protect their jewels from the elements.

3. Why do you shave your legs? Isn’t this emasculating?

There are many reasons for this. For trail runners, it helps to be clean shaven so that mud does not stick to hair. Also, if you fall while running or cycling and get road rash, this is far worse if you have hairy legs. Some people think that removing the hair from one’s legs makes you faster. Lastly, if you are a runner who wants to apply kinesio tape, this is made much easier and less painful if you shave your legs first.

4. Have you ever experienced the elusive moose knuckle (male version of the camel toe)?

Yes, this can occur, but there is a way to avoid it. Wearing compression shorts underneath running shorts is a good option. You can also purchase a pair of Comfy Balls, which has the additional advantage of keeping the package in place.

5. Do you ever get erections while you run?

This is possible. The up and down motion involved in running can cause the penis to get aroused. Secondly, blood pressure increases when we run and this can contribute to the onset of a boner. Lastly, some male runners simply get aroused by the presence of female runners.

6. Is it tough to keep from getting distracted with so much female camel toe around?

Yes, see #5. Running is a sport that typically involves women wearing tight and form-fitting clothing. This apparel accentuates the breasts and the butt and can also result in camel toe. Even if a male runner does not set out to sightsee while on his run, he may be attracted to, and distracted by, these scenes. It is simply human nature.

Disclaimer: These questions were answered by the help of Google and running forums. If you are a male and have different answers, please comment! We’d love to get your insight.


By Nichols