If you haven’t read Part 1 of the Different Types of Runners, you can do so here. Don’t worry; I’ll wait for you. You back? Good, moving on….

As many people pointed out to me in the comments of that post, I left out quite a few running groups. Since I’m all about equality and whatnot, I decided to write a follow-up article.

>>The Winners.

In my last list, I somehow missed perhaps the most well-known group of runners – the “winners.” Probably because the only race I’ve ever won is the local high school charity 5K, and the age group I won lacked the good runners who were busy competing for their college teams. I digress. This group is in it for the competition and the bragging rights. No matter the distance, they set their sights on the hardware and never go home empty-handed. This group includes the kind of runner who could beat me wearing a giant caterpillar costume chained with four other “winners.” (True story.)

>>The Mother Runners.

I am not a mother, so I’m probably the worst person to accurately describe this group. I do, however, have to give them major props for fitting running into their lives while caring for and managing the lives of other tiny humans. I mean I’m doing well to get two tied shoes on my own feet before a run; they have a gazillion other items to check off their checklist before they can zip off to log some miles.

>>The “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” Runners.

I’ll never understand the desire some people have to guzzle down a beer after they run, but boy, do these runners sure know how to have a good time. At the pre-race party, post-race party, and post-race after-party, these guys are the “life of the runner party.” Because they’re usually quite boisterous and loud, you can spot them quickly. Don’t mistake them for rude though; this group is always ready to include anyone in the fun.

>>The Half Marathoners.

While this group gets the tagline of only being half-crazy, I have to disagree. If you’ve ever run a half marathon, then you know it’s not exactly a walk in the park. These runners are just as dedicated to their training as the full marathoners, so I contend that they possess the same amount of “crazy.” They just have less distance to spread it out over.

>>The Zen Runners.

You might not find this runner at the races, but pick any long backroad, and you’re likely to find a few of them. Running is their bliss, their “me” time, and their religion. They run to clear their mind, plan out their days, or just get away for a bit. Basically the yogis of the running world, they find their inner peace when their feet hit the pavement. Namaste.

>>The Technicians.

These runners have training down to a tee and know the names of all the best programs out there. Whether they’re cranking out hill repeats, fartleks, intervals, or tempo runs, these runners have the mileage, times, and paces of their workouts scheduled in their spreadsheets. They’re also used to answering lots of questions about what the heck they’re even talking about.

Still don’t see your group listed? Sound off in the comments!

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By Nichols