With the changing of the calendars, resolutions start to rear their ugly heads. Here are five suggestions of goals you might want to focus on in 2015.

1. Run a race tech-free.

As runners, we profess the freedom of occasionally running without music or timing devices, but what about forgoing them during a race? Sound blasphemous? I’m not saying it should be the big marathon you’ve been training for your entire life, but maybe a local 5K. Get back to what this sport really means to you.

2. Volunteer at a race.

Instead of always “taking,” why not set a goal to give back to the community you so love and cherish? Maybe that means adding one more volunteer race to your docket or helping to coordinate a local event. Heck, get really crazy and offer to help train someone!

3. Celebrate your small successes.

Take joy in the small victories of your training. Obviously, crossing the finish line under your goal time is the ultimate level of celebration, but what about adding that seemingly impossible mile to your run? Or powering up your personal heartbreak hill on your route? Don’t lose your sense of joy for this sport just because the bigger milestones only happen once in a while.

4. Branch out from your comfort zone.

You might dominate the trails or be the queen of the road, but what if you tried something new this year? Step outside your comfort zone to tackle a new kind of challenge. That might mean a triathlon, yoga class, or picking up some weights. I’m not saying hang up your running shoes forever, but stepping back might give you a new level of appreciation for running that you’ve never had before. Heck, what am I talking about, you already adore running; jump to #5.

5. Set a new PR.

There’s nothing like the high of smashing a new PR. Although all those other resolutions are lofty and give you warm and fuzzies on the inside, a new PR is like crack to us. (strictly metaphorical, of course).

Have any running resolutions to add?


By Nichols