The morning run – love it or loathe it? If you’re a morning run lover, then keep reading and nod along in agreement. If you’re a loather, take a minute to open your mind to what there is to love about the morning workout. Because there’s a lot to love about running in the morning!

Here are five reasons to love the morning run:

1. Increased healthy mindset throughout the day. When starting the day with a morning run, I feel so amazing all day long. My body just feels in tune from the start. I also tend to make healthier food choices. Treat your body well, and it will treat you well.

2. More time for hobbies. Getting the workout done in the morning means that the evening is free for a more leisurely dinner, and some “me time”. More time to read a book, watch a movie, play word games on my phone – whatever you do to decompress, you don’t have to make a choice between your hobby or the workout in the evening.

3. Endorphins rock. The “runner’s high” can have great effects on your day if you get in a good run in the morning. I find that I’m more patient with my kids, more focused at work, and generally happier if I’ve exercised in the morning. It’s hard to be in a grumpy morning mood if you’ve just had a great run.

4. Your workout is a slam-dunk. If you don’t get in a run first thing in the morning, there is more of a chance that you’ll get busy, and it won’t happen at all. Getting it out of the way in the morning is the best way to make it sure thing.

5. Race day simulation. It’s a fact – most races are in the morning. If you’re used to getting up early and running, you’ll condition your body to a typical race-day schedule.

So don’t hit that snooze button tomorrow morning – hop out of bed, lace up the running shoes, and breathe in the fresh morning air during a great morning run. Need some ideas on how to turn into a morning runner? Check out my previous article with 5 Tips to Convert Night Owls Into Morning Runners!

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By Nichols