Coffee beans are magical little buggers and the special brew brings great joy to the lives of a great many runners. In celebration of coffee, we bring you Buzzfeed‘s 28 Problems All Coffee Addicts Will Understand.

1. There is no waking up in the morning without your cup of coffee.

2. You without your coffee vs. you with your coffee is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

3. And to be perfectly honest, drinking that first cup of coffee does nothing to wake you up.

4. And two or three cups barely will affect you.

5. Truthfully, you are worried about dying from a caffeine overdose from the amount you have to drink.

6. The smell of coffee is intoxicating and only increases your desire for more caffeine.

7. Your paycheck basically goes right back to Starbucks.

8. You don’t even have to place an order at Starbucks. They already know what you’re drinking.

9. But your barista gives you that judgmental eye when you order a heavily caffeinated drink.

10. Your personality is directly correlated with how much caffeine you have had that day.

11. You also cannot be productive unless you are properly caffeinated.

12. People have probably noticed how much caffeine you consume. They definitely judged you.

13. They probably tell you that you should cut back. You don’t listen to them.

14. You always have to pee because you drink so much coffee.
15. Decaf coffee? WHAT IS THE POINT.

16. And it ruins your day when you run out of coffee at work.
17. There are empty coffee cups and Starbucks napkins strewn throughout your car.

18. 5-Hour Energy? Those are child’s play.

19. You have done that thing where you quickly finish a cup of coffee, so you can go and get that next cup of coffee.

20. When your hot coffee gets cold is a NIGHTMARE.

21. But even worse? When your iced coffee melts and gets watered down.

22. You plan trips and your errands around when and where you are going to get coffee.

23. Maybe you’ve tried to kick your habit. It didn’t go so well.

24. You may have tried other types of caffeinated beverages, but you know that coffee is what really gives you wings.

25. Two words: Coffee. Breath.

26. You’ve grown accustomed to that feeling when your heart is racing and about to explode.

27. Spilling coffee on yourself has become a part of your daily routine.

28. Yeah, you may be a coffee addict. BUT IT MAKES YOU FEEL ALIVE.

By Nichols