There are many things that run through our minds during a long run. Whether you’re going on a leisurely and scenic run or grinding out high mileage for an upcoming race, long runs can make you happy or super angry. Sometimes, they evoke both emotions at the same time. Here are 10 thoughts I have while running long distances:

1. I have water, energy gels, music – I’m golden.

2. It takes a while to get in the groove….

3. It’s only been 30 minutes?! Maybe I should walk? NO!

4. I should have brought more water.

5. Skip song, skip, skip, skip.

6. How the heck does that runner look relaxed? I’m so tense right now.

7. I don’t even care how I look to cars passing by anymore.

8. Sweat everywhere…I look like a hot mess, but I’m killing it!

9. Almost there…my feet hurt! (From kicking so much ass!)

10. Runner’s high, kick in – now, please!

What thoughts do you have while running long distances? Share them!


By Nichols